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Old Maps of Morden

Historic Maps of Morden and the local area.

During the early 1960,si worked in the Green Grocery department of Caters supermarket on the week ends. Dated a beautiful cashier there ,often we would go to the Red Lion pub for a drink ( My favourite at that time was Red Barrel Bitter ). Then go upstairs to listen to the Jazz band,s ,such as Monty Sunshine,making for an (...Read full memory)

i hated morden when i was a child, sunday was a dead day, no shops open, i couldn't wait to get away, now 72 years later & living in the north east of england, happily married for 51 years i still have feelings for the the place, my parents are buried there, i visit very rarely, but i cant wait to get back to the north east, but i still miss morden