Old Maps of New Haw

Historic Maps of New Haw and the local area.

Our family moved to New Haw when the new council houses were built at Heathervale. We lived at 26 Park Side. Everybody moved in about the same time so during the fifties there was great community spirit in our street. The residents even managed to build their own social club (Park Side Club). My father Basil Ponting (...Read full memory)

I wanted to add my own memories of growing up in New Haw from 1965 until moving again in 1973. The family moved from Richmond (then in Middlesex) to 187 New Haw Road, a detached 3-bedroom house with 1/3 acre of overgrown orchard and backing onto Bentley's Farm. Dad (Peter) worked in London and commuted (...Read full memory)