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Historic Maps of New Rossington and the local area.

Memories of New Rossington

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I was born in Rossington in 1952 and lived on Clay Flat Lane with my mum and dadTo & MAry Atkinson, brother John and sister Paula. Dad worked in Rosso pit for many years, like a lot of Rosso residents. Myearliest memory is from when i was about 3 years old, i grabbed a garden spade, which was twice as big as (...Read full memory)

This memory goes from 1953 up to the 1960s because our holidays in them days were always at Rossington, staying with Nanna. Me my older brother Alex and my twin brother John loved it. Nanna and Grandad were Jack and Burtha Bird who lived at 57 Haig Crescent. Grandad was a miner like a lot of people in Rossington. (...Read full memory)