Newbiggin By The Sea, The Promenade c.1960
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The Lido has now re-opened.
I was born in 1948 and lived in Newbiggin By the Sea a lot of my life. The cafe was called the Lido and I would spend hours in there listening to the juke box, it was the only way I could get to hear the latest pop music. The ice cream was good but my friends and I used to have a coffee as it lasted longer. Sadly the Lido is now closed, I think the last time I was in there when it was still an ice cream cafe was 2005 ish, perhaps someone can fix the date for me?
The big white building was a cafe called "Bertorelli's". they also had a smaller cafe at the other end of Newbiggin which was called the West End.
When we were teenagers and bored we would sit on old men's seat at the junction over the bridge and watch the smelly tankies go by. Some of the lads would go tanky hopping and grab on the back for a ride! The girls would wait for any lads go by the sea coalers in their cars. Lynn Smith and Harry Allport and John Robinson - we were all mates.