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Memories of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, the Promenade c1960

This picture was taken a little after I left the town for further down the coast. I believe that the large building was called the Marine Cafe. A real and rare treat was to go and have a Knickerbocker Glory in a tall glass seated on tall stools at tall tables! To the right, on the beach at the base of the wall, (...Read full memory)

I visited Newbiggin for the first time in January of this year, in search of my ancestors, who I hoped to find in St. Bartholomew's church. It was a bright but extremely windy day when we arrived, but I was delighted to discover the gravestone of my Gt.Gt. grandfather and many of his family. The stone was propped up (...Read full memory)

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea is of great interest for me, as many of my ancestors lived there.  I was able to visit St. Bartholomew's Church and discover the gravestone of the Harbottle family, one of whom was my great great grandfather.  It made rather sad reading as many died so very young.

My grandparents Isabella and Jack Lymer and my Uncle Victor Lymer lived above the cafe until my nan's death in 1968. When I was young it was the flat to the left as you look at the picture. It is now the hairdressers.  My mum tells me that when she married my dad (1943) they lived in the flat to the right of the (...Read full memory)

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