Newport, High Street 1903

Memories of Newport

My early memories are of the Nash Road Prefabs. Those flat roofed single level houses built after the war. These were later named Cheshire Avenue. We, Mum, Dad and brother John, lived at No 35 overlooking the field owned by farmer Dicky Walters. I have great memories of playing with other kids in the fields and Spytty Park. I (...Read full memory)

My Grandfather Ben John owned a grocery store called Monmouth Dairy opposite the Handpost - on the right hand side of this picture. I was born in 1944 and have lived most of my life in Africa - but as a very young boy I have vivid memories of my father, Derrek and my grandfather, slipping in there for a quick pint after work - (...Read full memory)

My father, John, was a doctor at his surgery/house, Corporation Road and I and my brother John plus mother and father were in the shelter when the mine was dropped. I remember a discussion later about loss of panel patients (Lysaghts and Mannesment) in that street - mother kept the books! I well remember the troops camping on the (...Read full memory)

I remember walking over the top of the bridge with my father in the summer of 1953; a sunny day with a light wind... whenever in Newport alway remember this walk.

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