Old Maps of Old Weston

Historic Maps of Old Weston and the local area.

Memories of Old Weston

Read and share your memories of Old Weston itself or of a particular photo of Old Weston.

I became landlady of The White Swan as it was then, with my husband Gordon, who has since died. It had previously been run as an up market restaurant, but had not been successful. We concentrated on the village life, bringing the community together. Introduced bar skittles, darts, and instead of the restaurant, kept to plain (...Read full memory)

Old Weston & the Black Swan.   My first memory of Old Weston was back in 1955 and actually when the picture of the Black Swan was taken. I was stationed at RAF Molesworth from March 1955 to March 1957. This was one of the first pubs I went to after arriving in England that year. I have since visited Old Weston in (...Read full memory)