Coronavirus: We would like to thank our customers for continued support in these difficult times. We are a web based company operating in a rural area, so our staff travel to work by car individually and both in our office & factory we have enough room to maintain social distancing. As such and in consultation with our staff, we have decided to remain open for business unless or until government policy changes. We are still able to despatch most of our products, however, the ones listed below (that are made by other manufacturers) will not be available for a while.

Products temporarily unavailable: Folded Maps, Tableware (Coasters & Placemats), Jigsaws, Wallpaper.

Dispatch times may vary from those quoted. We will update this message as anything changes.

Old Maps of Oughtrington

Historic Maps of Oughtrington and the local area.

I started at Oughtrington as a very shy and quiet 12 year old in 1955. My first impressions were that I had been dropped off the bus, from Altrincham into a holiday hotel, not school. Progressing through the years I did not excel at anything but the world was alive for me. I, thanks to much (...Read full memory)

I often think back to my days at Lymm Grammar, from 1961-65, and although I did not particularly enjoy my school-days, the system worked a lot better than it does today! But what a school, and in what grounds! I notice that the catchment area has decreased since those days - I always thought it odd that pupils came from (...Read full memory)