Old Maps of Outwood

Historic Maps of Outwood and the local area.

Memories of Outwood

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I moved to Outwood 10 years ago to work at the Bell Inn. With its own unique charm I was taken with it from the moment I entered. Originally run by a Mr. John Lane the pub was sold a few years later to a private investor and was sold again to the brewery Fullers who have it now. The pub is a wonderful place to work in and the (...Read full memory)

I was brought up in Bletchingley in the 1960s and my father Clyde Howard Willats was born near Redhill. He knew Outwood well and used to tell me the story about the two families who owned the two windmills, they were the Jupps and the Scotts. Apparently they were always at loggerheads and decided to settle their (...Read full memory)