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Gone Fishing

Theme Calendar - Gone Fishing

Featuring 12 captioned photos of Gone Fishing. A4 sized calendar, opening to A3.

Memories of Pulborough

As Pulborough lad of 1950's vintage I remember The Chequers well as Impasses it every day on my way to catch the train taking me and many others to School (The Weald)in Billings Hurst. I also remember it burning Down in the mid Sixties. I now live in Liverpool a city that I love,but I have told my family to scatter my (...Read full memory)

My family hails from Storrington, Spierbridge Road. My Nanna was Hilda Linfield, my aunts still live quite local. My late mother was Josephine Linfield. I was Jozane Linfield (later Ellis). I remeMber the carefree days playing with several of my cousins and friends at the reck and around the fish pond, as I got older I (...Read full memory)

I have come across a lovely drawing of St Mary's Church by H J Woods, I also have lots of other original pictures by this artist and wondered if he was well know in Pulborough?

I was born in Canada, but grew up in Pulborough as did my mother and uncle, Maureen and Frank Darby. When I knew we were returning to Canada, a place I didn't remember, it broke my heart, and I vowed never to forget the people and sights of Pulborough. My Grandparents are buried in the cemetery at St Mary's, and I have a brass (...Read full memory)

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