Riddlesdown, Lower Barn Road c.1955

Memories of Riddlesdown

I was a founder pupil at the then called Riddledown Secondary School. I lived in Sanderstead and we used to walk from there up over the downs to school which was situated at the top. We always felt safe, even when we were a little late from school after staying back for sports practice etc (or probably in (...Read full memory)

I walked to school up the track and back through the wood to catch the 234 back to Selsdon, I lived in Abbey Road.

I attended Riddlesdown Secondary School from 1960 - 1965. I remember the Headmaster was a Mr Mackay and our History and Religious Instruction teacher was a Mr Hay. I used to cycle to school from our home in Famet Avenue (halfway up St. James Road). I think there was a Mr Turnbull and our French Teacher (...Read full memory)

We lived in Dale Road, right near the bottom of Downscourt Road and we spent a lot of time on Riddlesdown because it was near to where we lived.  When we got a bit older, we used to walk along the downs towards Kenley or maybe even further along where there was a railway crossing.  We used to get pennies and put (...Read full memory)

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