Riddlesdown, Lower Barn Road c.1955

Memories of Riddlesdown

We were born and grew up in Riddlesdown which, thanks to the Green Belt, has not changed much since my parents bought a house in Derwent Drive in 1939. Went to Roke which was pretty rubbish and then to Riddlesdown which was pretty good for me at least. The French teacher was Miss Graham who married another (...Read full memory)

It was so good to see the photos, the memories came flooding back.  When I was a child I too used to go for walks on the downs and into Kenley.  I lived in Derwent Drive near what was then called Riddlesdown Secondary Modern School.  The shops we used to go to at Riddlesdown.  My mother would send us there every (...Read full memory)

I attended Riddlesdown Secondary School from 1960 - 1965. I remember the Headmaster was a Mr Mackay and our History and Religious Instruction teacher was a Mr Hay. I used to cycle to school from our home in Famet Avenue (halfway up St. James Road). I think there was a Mr Turnbull and our French Teacher (...Read full memory)

Mr Humphreys did indeed marry Miss Graham and he was the art teacher. Mr Mackay used to start every sentence with "ah zumm, boys and girls". I can also recall putting the RI teachers (Mr Hay) bike up on the roof of the office block once. Does anyone remember Mr Parker or Mrs Grimson?

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