Memories of Riverhead

There was another children's home in Hitchen Hatch Lane, Sevenoaks which I believe was called Hitchen Hatch House. I do remember calling there once, can't remember why. The Rock House home was in Chipstead Lane and I had a friend called Patsy who lived there in the 1950s when I was at Riverhead County Primary (...Read full memory)

I still have fond memories of walking home from Amherst Primary School during the late fifties & early sixties. At the Shoreham Lane junction with Bradbourne Vale was a footpath which led down to the Darent....ideal for walking our dog and fishing for roach at weekends. I can vaguely remember a derelict brickyard in that (...Read full memory)

Was there ever a a children's home in Riverhead or near by? My husband's family use to have a little girl to tea called Iris, can anybody remember a place?

Dad moved from Old Bexley, where he had a butchers, to Riverhead, and owned the shop at 4 The Square. It was Challisis before him. I loved the village and its history. We lived above the shop, and I walked up to Tubs Hill Station to go to the art school in Beckenham. I later had a M/C and went (...Read full memory)

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