Old Maps of Romiley

Historic Maps of Romiley and the local area.

My name is Shaun Scully, we moved to 34 Gotherage Lane in 1964 when I was four, I used to play on the field near our house and the other kids knew about the Giants Table, I have forgotten all about this for 50 years! I think it was some sort of pylon-type structure over in the distance, what vivid imaginations we had.. I (...Read full memory)

My name is Steve Clegg and in August 1960, we moved as a family into No. 3 Church Lane which originally, was opposite the car park of the Romiley Arms. My father's name was Frank, and all went well until the Post Office renumbered our house to 6, Church Lane; which wouldn't have been so bad, until another Mr F Clegg (...Read full memory)