Old Maps of Rothesay

Historic Maps of Rothesay and the local area.

Old map of Rothesay in 1905-1907
Map of Rothesay in 1905-1907
Old map of Rothesay in 1905-1907

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Rothesay from other years.

I spent most of my summer holidays from birth until the mid-70s at the huts on Bogany Farm. I spent many a day fishing for perch and pike at Loch Ascog with the mentoring of older residents who taught me the skill. The evenings were spent at campfires with singing. Sadly, the huts were demolished in the (...Read full memory)

I last visited Rothesay in 2002. Some of my ancestors hail from there: McArthur families records from 1785. More recently-John was the postal delivery man (horseback) circa 1880, his son, John was the farrier for 50 years in Rothesay, I saw his yard there when I visited. A grandson is /was the postal delivery man in 2002. My (...Read full memory)