Old Maps of Ryhope

Historic Maps of Ryhope and the local area.

I was born in Sunderland in 1948 and Christened in Holy Trinity Church, Church Walk, where all of my mother's side of the family had been hatched, matched, and dispatched. I was raised in Wear Garth till the age of twelve years old when my parents left Sunderland for work in the midlands. Although times were hard in Sunderland at (...Read full memory)

Training Pit Ponies at Ryhope Oxclose was a row of 5 terraced houses owned by the Colliery and located at the top of the lane which passed the eastern side of the Cricket field. At the Western end of 5 terraced houses there was a large hay barn and to the North and West of the terrace, a long L shaped (...Read full memory)