Old Maps of Ryhope

Historic Maps of Ryhope and the local area.

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Ryhope from other years.

My friend, Shiela Thompson, lived in a cottage at Burdon. Her father used to work on Burdon farm, he must have been a labourer as I remember him always working. My brother and myself used to cycle up to the farm on a weekend and spend many a happy hour throwing ourselves out of the hayloft hatch at the top and onto the loose (...Read full memory)

hey new at this game, have traveled the world,both with the army and as a security adviser to many arab and african nations but i was born and grew up on the bombed out streets of wear tyne and tees streets, the town moor was our playground, my brothers and lads on the corner, the cornerboys look after the street, mobray (...Read full memory)