Salisbury, High Street 1906

Memories of Salisbury

Does anyone out there remember the appalling air crash in The Valley, Bemerton Heath. If so, I would be interested to hear further comments and stories. I was very young at the time maybe 3 years of age. I was playing in the garden located in The Valley and it was a beautiful day. (...Read full memory)

Anyone remember splendid Rep Terry Howard?. My husband who sadly passed 2017. Llyn.

As far back as I can remember we used to love the steak and kidney pies from the Baytree. For a time I worked at Woolworths on the jewellery counter and at lunch times I would stroll around the market eating my steak and kidney pie with the gravy dribbling down my chin. My first job was in Robert Stokes in the office, from (...Read full memory)

At the time, I was in the RN, serving in a Joint Servce org attachd to the Army at Wilton. My wife and I lived in Manor Road, just off London Road. Most of our shopping was done at weekends, starting off with a 'refuel' at the Cadena, a trawl through Style and Gerrish, a leisurely walk through the outdoor (...Read full memory)

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