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Salisbury Photographic Memories

Salisbury Photographic Memories

The photo 'Salisbury, High Street 1919' appears in this book.

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Caption for Salisbury, High Street 1919: The same view thirteen years after photograph No 56354, when the motor car and bicycle have replaced the horse and handcart. Note that everyone in the photograph is wearing a hat. Since the earlier photograph the road surface has been improved by 'metalling', and many of the old gas lamps have disappeared.

An extract from Salisbury Photographic Memories.

Memories of Salisbury

Does anyone out there remember the appalling air crash in The Valley, Bemerton Heath. If so, I would be interested to hear further comments and stories. I was very young at the time maybe 3 years of age. I was playing in the garden located in The Valley and it was a beautiful day. (...Read full memory)

Salisbury in the 1960's was a good place to be if you wanted to meet interesting people.The place to go was the Cadena Cafe - sandwiched between Style and Gerrish, and the Chough. One now (sort of) famous person who frequented the dark reaches of that cafe is the writer and food critic Jonathan Meades. The Bus Station (...Read full memory)

My mum and stepfather worked at Gibbs and Mews for many years, they met whilst working there and eventually married. Mum was on the bottling line, not sure what dad did, I think he was a drayman. My mum got her finger caught in the bottling machine and nearly cut the top of it off. Don't know if any one would remember them (...Read full memory)

At the time, I was in the RN, serving in a Joint Servce org attachd to the Army at Wilton. My wife and I lived in Manor Road, just off London Road. Most of our shopping was done at weekends, starting off with a 'refuel' at the Cadena, a trawl through Style and Gerrish, a leisurely walk through the outdoor (...Read full memory)

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