Salisbury, St Thomas's Church, Doom Painting c.1990

Memories of Salisbury

In 1960 this was the main building of Salisbury College of Art. The college specialised in photography, fine arts and, when I joined, was one of the first provincial art colleges to award a recognised graphic design qualification. It also offered courses in hairdressing and sign writing. There were several very (...Read full memory)

Does anybody remember Gibbs Mew Grewery on Gigant Street?

As far back as I can remember we used to love the steak and kidney pies from the Baytree. For a time I worked at Woolworths on the jewellery counter and at lunch times I would stroll around the market eating my steak and kidney pie with the gravy dribbling down my chin. My first job was in Robert Stokes in the office, from (...Read full memory)

I worked in the brewrery on the keg line with Jake W, Pat B, and Andy D, I ended up running the cask beer department under Trevor G, who was a brewer. I made some very good friends in the brewery, I have been trying to contact Jake Willis but to no avail, he moved to Swansea I think, I used to rent the detatched house next to (...Read full memory)

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