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Will It Be Open?

My family moved from Bermondsey, where we shared my grandad's house, to Enfield, where Mum and Dad had managed to buy their own house (for £2,000) in 1960. It was some years before Dad could afford driving lessons and then a car. We ...Read more

A memory of London in 1966 by Carol Fisher

Forest Hill

My memory of Forest Hill, London, is Horniman's Museum and Horniman's Park. The museum had a wonderful, huge clock. We lived in Forest Hill from about 1952 or 53 to about 1961, I think. Someone held a fancy dress Coronation party for ...Read more

A memory of London by Marion Del Favero


I was evacuated from London to Oxford with Burlington School on 1st September 1939. At first we had our lessons in the old Milham Ford School premises but after a few weeks transferred to the new school in Marston where we shared the ...Read more

A memory of Oxford in 1940 by Sheila Kent

Halcyon Days!

I was born in a newly built house in Laurel Avenue - and was told whilst being built my mum and dad had gotten to choose which one they wanted!  The midwife who delivered me was Miss Reece, who I believe lived in Wickford until she ...Read more

A memory of Wickford in 1955 by Lnda Golding

Hope And Anchor Inn

My first visit to South Devon was in 1950 as a teenager. We lived in London but my parents had discovered Salcombe and a boarding house in Devon Road and that is where we spent several consecutive summer holidays. From ...Read more

A memory of Hope Cove by David Roberts

King Richards Road

We moved from Willesden in London to Kingrichards Road, Leicester when I was 5 yrs old in 1965. I went to King Richards Infants with my brother, Wayne. The building I think was something to do with a church, I think, an old ...Read more

A memory of Leicester in 1965 by Tina Mile

Birchington, Epple Bay And Minnis Bay

Birchington with two bays and a village atmosphere 'in town'. A rail station with the most wonderful ice cream parlour opposite - wicker chairs on those old fashioned curved steel bases and circular wicker ...Read more

A memory of Birchington in 1955 by Sandra Dudley

Charles Street In The 1910s

My grandma was born Eleanor ('Nellie') Roberts at Back 62 Charles Street on the 27th November 1911 to Lillian Elizabeth and Richard John Roberts, she was the second eldest of 6 girls, Lillian 1908, Florence May 1915, Sarah ...Read more

A memory of Tredegar by Lee Hutchings

A Walk From Shotgate Baptist Church To The Nevendon Road Part 2 See Part 1 Below

Continued from Part 1 below. Next to Martins Bank was a record shop, where I remember going with my parents and standing listening to records in the small listening ...Read more

A memory of Wickford by Kevin Mears

Memories Of My Childhood In Rossington.

My story starts on the 1st of March 1950, the date of my birth at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.  My parents Jack & Mary Flather lived in Old Rossington at 65 Haigh Crescent, living with relatives (Guy) ...Read more

A memory of New Rossington in 1950 by Sandra Faulkner