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1896, Ash Ref. HOSM36371
1898-1899, Ash Ref. RNC627282
1920, Ash Ref. POP627282
1895, Ash Ref. RNE627282
1947, Ash Ref. NPO627282
1895, Ash Ref. RNE627281
1920, Ash Ref. POP627281
1946, Ash Ref. NPO627281
1897-1898, Ash Ref. RNC627281
1920, Nash Ref. POP787925
1895, Nash Ref. RNE787925
1947, Nash Ref. NPO787925
1898-1899, Nash Ref. RNC787925


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My Boyhood Memories. With My Grandad

I hope that anyone left of my family can read this, as now being 72 , I lost all track of coming to Kent. My home town was Lytham St Annes where my mother lived and dad was in the RAF and met my mother there. My ...Read more

A memory of Faversham by Peter Manuel

Hop Picking

Paddock Wood, in particular Beltring, the home of the famous Whitebread Oasts, was the centre of the Hop Gardens of Kent. The Gardens were set out with rows of elevated wire tressles which were supported at intervals by poles. In the ...Read more

A memory of Paddock Wood in 1940 by Michael Willcocks

Church Path, Mitcham And The People That Lived There

I was born in Collierswood Maternity Home, a very short time before it was bombed during the Second World War. The year was 1944. My family being homeless were housed in requisitioned properties in Mitcham. ...Read more

A memory of Mitcham in 1944 by James Bonser

Campsbourne Junior School Around 1960

I attended Campsbourne Junior School between 1958 and 1961. I arrived during the 2nd Year at the age of 8, having moved from St Michael's School in Highgate. I was placed in the top stream and my class teachers were ...Read more

A memory of Hornsey by al.birkett

Alice Eastwood Nee Colthup

My great aunt Alice was a teacher at Five Ashes village school in the early years of the 20th century. She was born in New Brompton, Kent on 29.8.1879 and died 23.12.1966 and is buried in the village. She married Fred ...Read more

A memory of Five Ashes in 1900 by Michael Canton

Where I Was Born

My Beginning, at Sole Street near Cobham Kent. (9th March 1946 - 2nd January 1951) I was born on Saturday March 9th 1946 at 3.29pm at Temperley, The Street, Sole Street, Kent. I was delivered at home by the ...Read more

A memory of Sole Street in 1946

My Grandad Humphreys Thomas John1875 1965

Grandad Humphreys, he was a carpenter making and restoring the Lockgates on the Montgomery Canal. Born in Welshpool 1875-1965. I remember the little trains running across Church Street as a boy of 8 years ...Read more

A memory of Welshpool in 1954 by Keith Bedford

My Childhood Garden Part I

My mother has often said to me "You don't appreciate what you've got until you lose it". She is wrong, for I will never forget the wonderful garden of my childhood and write below the memories that I will hold for all ...Read more

A memory of Shamley Green in 1954 by Patricia Clarke

Westhill Schoolww Ii

Miss Wade was the head mistress of the infants and the girls school. Miss Snell and Miss Jolly were the infant teachers, both out of retirement. In the boys juior school the teachers were Miss James, a new teacher she made the ...Read more

A memory of Dartford in 1940 by Ramon Lane

My Fathers Birthplace.

My father Cornelius Henry Johns (Naily to everyone who knew him) was born in the little Round House on the left of the photo. He was the youngest of a large family, and there were 11 people living there in 1899. They then moved to ...Read more

A memory of Veryan in 1890 by Donald Johns

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Caption For Ash, New Street C1955

There are two villages called Ash in Kent.

Caption For Ash, The Village C1965

Ash is one of the places in Kent rumoured somewhere to conceal a four-feet-tall effigy of a man in solid gold, a treasure that had belonged to one of the early Saxon Kings, according to legend.