Old Maps of Selsdon

Historic Maps of Selsdon and the local area.

My family and my father's before that (surname Kent) lived in Selsdon (84 and 32 Foxearth Road, 170 Littleheath Road, and 24 Benhurst Gardens) spanning c. 1930 - 1989. But at one point (after my father's death), my mother, my eldest sister and her 2 children, and myself all found ourselves 'between permanent (...Read full memory)

In 1964 I started work as an apprentice mechanic at Selsdon garage, which can just be seen at the start on the right of this photo. The main range of vehicles repaired was mostly BMC though we would work on all makes of cars, from Fords to Jaguar. There was about 6 mechanics, 1 forman and 2 apprentices.The garage was owned (...Read full memory)