Old Maps of Selsdon

Historic Maps of Selsdon and the local area.

I lived in Selsdon as a kid from 1964 - its my earliest memory. We lived in Benhurst Gardens, up the top of Old Farleigh Road. We were lucky as kids to have 'the Rec' as we called it, and the Bird Sanctuary very near to go an play. We also went to the stables at the Selsdon Park Hotel to ride the horses. We could go in (...Read full memory)

Hi - I have just discovered this site and was interested by memories of Selsdon - particularly from Jaqueline Cook remembering Littleheath Woods! I spent the first eighteen years of my life living in Ingham Road -the other side of the primary school from Foxearth Road - from 1948 - 1966 before I left for university. My parents (...Read full memory)