Sheffield, Fargate And Surrey Street 1893

Memories of Sheffield

I lived Bents Green from about 1934 till 1963 apart from about 8 years, which were taken up by 6 years in the Merchant Navy, 2 National Service. I went to Ecclesall Church School for my school days, a Reverend Turner was the curate for the school at the time and needed new Choir Boys for the Church, so my mum (...Read full memory)

I think my first memory of going to the Lyceum theatre was to see Harry Seacome in the Christmas Pantomime of around 1949, but the highlight for me when I was invited to be a cast member in "Song of Norway" put on by the Sheffield Teachers Operatic Society around November 1954. That experience of being on a show for (...Read full memory)

As a student nurse I remember the Bucaneer was an exciting place to go to for an inexpensive night out. We could go and dance, socialise and manage with one half a beer and lime all night and still have a good time...the atmosphere was magic.

Roughly in 1932 there was a religious group which was called the Assemblies Of God Pentecostal Church. Albeit they had been going on since 1900-14 they were a relatively unknown church - as of today they are unknown to many of us even now. The church wanted to set up a church within Sheffield but were unsure of the response of (...Read full memory)

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