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Memories of South Chingford, Larkswood Pool c1955

As I attended school at St. Egberts College on Ridgeway in North Chingford, we did on occasion get to go swimming at Larkswood Pool. Swimming in any pool was a treat for most of us as the only 'swimming' we usually did was at the sea-side on summer holidays. It wasn't till later in 1947 after we moved to Elm Park Essex, (...Read full memory)

I was born in March 1939 and lived in South Chingford 1939-66.  Frances Road 1940-47 and Underwood Road (Ropers Farm Estate) 1947-66. I loved Chingford and still do.  I regularly visit Chingford and was there only yesterday 15.07.08.  I still have a cousin in Chingford and I am sadly selling my late (...Read full memory)

I remember using the Larkswood swimming pool in all weathers, even having to break the ice. I also remember the horrible changing rooms and sitting for hours on the hills - sometimes never bothering to swim. You could leave all of your stuff and go off to buy crisps and stuff and no one bothered you or took (...Read full memory)

We moved from Forest Road Walthamstow to 34 Leonard Road Chingford in 1953. I attended Chase Lane primary school and then Wellington Avenue Secondary Modern at Chingford Mount. We often went to Larkswood Pool and would spend all day there taking our lunch with us. The school used to take us to Larkswood Pool (...Read full memory)

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