Southend On Sea, Royal Terrace 1891

Memories of Southend-on-Sea

I spent most of my childhood here, taught myself to swim and then to dive as I stood on the steps and gradually got higher and higher until I was able to stand on the side to dive , then onto the springboard. I had a season ticket which used to run from May to September and you were able to go twice a day on (...Read full memory)

I went to Southchurch High School for Boys after failing my eleven plus in 1948. Tbe headmaster was Mr Haxall a frighteniing person to an eleven year old. A great teacher of history and bookbinding was Mr Bull. The paddlesteamers were still coming into the pier to take the holuiday makers across to Herne Bay (...Read full memory)

This scene has little changed although there has of course been the cliff landslip.The white railings on the right hand side of the picture enclose the dinghy maintainance/storage area of the Alexader Yacht Club. Perhaps a more accurate title for the picture would be to call it the WESTERN ESPLANADE. We were married in (...Read full memory)

This beautiful Grade 1-Listed building was the closest Library to where I lived near Southchurch Park, and I spent many hours inside during the 1940's and 1950's exploring books, or in the landscaped grounds. As I became a teenager and (...Read full memory)

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