Southend On Sea, The Pier c.1962
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The lights have been hung ready for the summer illuminations. The pier was always a spectacular sight at this time of year. Well-wrapped holidaymakers manage to enjoy the sun on the ever-popular deckchairs. Ten-Pin Bowling is played in the new pavilion. Pleated skirts, of the type worn by the two young ladies at the front of the picture, were fashionable at this time.

An extract from Southend Photographic Memories.

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This selection of vintage photographs shows some of our finest piers in their heyday, recalling their glory days when seaside piers were at the heart of the traditional British family holiday.

Southend Photographic Memories

Southend Photographic Memories

The photo 'Southend-on-Sea, the Pier c1962' appears in this book.

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A Selection of Memories from Southend-on-Sea

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Southend-on-Sea

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I remember the many years, 1964 - 1975 attending “night school”, and also working at Southend Tech, Engineering Dept. All gone now, first the original College building which used to be where the Odeon cinema is now, then later the London Road, Engineering Dept building, which is now a Students accommodation site. Carnarvon Road building now converted into Flats etc. Such fun it was sitting at the old ...see more
My Nan and Grandfather lived in Southend on sea at the car park opposite the Kersal. All the coaches used to go there to park, there was always a crowd of people. I can remember Gran serving teas and people wanting to go to the toilet and costing 1 penny which I can remember collecting when we were there. Grandfather would look after the coaches while people went to the rides ...see more
I was born in Moorland Crescent in the 1950’s. This council housing estate was built a few decades earlier and has a variety of different style good quality houses. Most people had nice gardens with flowers etc and we had vegetables and fruit bushes in the back garden. On summer nights it was not uncommon for the streets to be full of kids playing as most people had big families. Also there was not ...see more
My mother lived in Beaufort street 1913 - 1915, Mother passed away 1997 and at some time had written these memory s. Her next door neighbours were the Keys family related to Bishop Heddle who had a drapers shop in Southchurch Road (peculiar peoples bishop) She remembered being taken to a protest when the people from the local sweet shop were taken for internment during the war the Pamphillion family ...see more