A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

Other Memories from Spalding

My mam linda leggett entered me in a 'beautiful baby' contest in ayscoughfee must have been 1940'ish and I won a prize. A wooden biscuit barrel, you would never think it to look at me now though. Does anyone remember those days.Jan

Does anyone remember a refreshment wagon? My mam and dad, Linda and Harry Leggett, ran it in the late 40's or early 50's some evenings near the fountain in Hall Place. I can remember being with them 'helping' and I always had a chocolate cupcake to eat. I think I took comics to read whilst mam and dad were working.

My mam, Linda Leggett, had a toy stall at the corn exchange end. Mam and I loaded up a handcart with toys every Tuesday and pushed it from our shop in Commercial Road, next door to the post office. I helped unload and set out the stall then dashed to school/ high school. At lunch time went back so mam could have a break and a cuppa, then back to school. I returned later so we could load up and push the ...see more

When I was very young, just before 1950, I can remember High Bridge was like this without the footbridge beside it. Without so much traffic it was safe to walk over the main bridge. Then the river was tidal and had banks of mud on either side of the water. The white building seen above the bridge was Berrills clothes shop which opened at the beginning of the century. I can remember an area given up to the most wonderful ...see more

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