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Memories of Sproughton

1957, I am six years old. I am with my twin sisters who are ten and we are in the biggest house we have ever seen, a mansion with massive gardens, a children's home. The reason we are here is that my mother is in hospital and our father cannot look after us on his own with his work. My parents are now dead, my sisters (...Read full memory)

The first building on the left was the old Post Office (owned by Mees). Just to the front of this is a small footpath that leads to my Mum-in-Law's (Janet Halls nee Smith) old school. It was also the village hall. It still has the green tin roof..... noisy when it rains!!!!!

My Mum-in-Law (Janet Halls nee Smith) came from Sproughton and her mate June lived in the cottages to the left of the mill.

Did the Wild Man have a celebrity landlord/owner in the late 1950s, early 1960s? We were discussing this today, and I can vaguely remember he had something to do with Billy Cotton?

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