Memories of St Helens, Church Street 1952

HI, Colin Smith.does anyone remember my mum and dad .Alice Mary and Teddy Smith.I remember the good old times in St,Helens going fishing in spoggy brook for stillte backs.and the old Taylor Park and Victoria park when you go stay out and play.We used to play out till all hours playing bung off.the base camp was a tall (...Read full memory)

I remember that just opposite to this photo was the main Post Office, with wooden floors, which echoed when a customer walked on them. Further along where the white building is, if you went left, there was an old shop selling stamps, then going further there was the covered market, right through to (...Read full memory)

Hi there, just wondered if anyone knew any information or of any photos of a pub at 70 Church Street called The St. Von Tromp, which closed in December 1922? There would have also been a theatre/music hall in the area...? If anyone can help it would very much appreciated.

I used to attend the Notre Dame Convent School (or Grammar School, as it was sometimes called). I was from Warrington on an 11+ scholarship and had to travel in by bus every morning - then walk past the Town Hall and down Church Road to the convent. The headmistress was a nun called Sister (...Read full memory)

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