Memories of Stilton

Looking at the photo of the row of houses from the top of Fen Street, the house nearest the camera was owned by my grandparents, Betty and Hans Claus and my mother Ann who at that time was about 8 years old (1959). The 3rd house along was also theirs which they had as the fish and chip shop. The house at the bottom (...Read full memory)

Previous memories talk about The Talbot Inn and on the left hand corner (Church Street Corner) Marshall's the newsagents . Before the village was bypassed around 1956 the Newsagents had previously been a Fish and Chip shop.  This was one of two Fish and Chip shops in the (...Read full memory)

My mum moved here when she was about 7 years old in 1959. Her mum and dad Mr and Mrs Claus owned the fish shop third closest to the camera. Her neighbour Mrs Sansby lived in the middle house. The house nearest to the camera is where my mum lived. She lived here until 1963 she was eleven when she moved. She had to move as the (...Read full memory)

I was born at home in North Street, Stilton; the house is the one on the left, just after the big white one (it was 19 North Street). I lived in many houses in Stilton - 19 North St, 55 North St, 6 Glebe Rd, 14 Norman Drive and 3 Manor Road before moving to Whittlesey. I still go to Stolton every week to see my mother who was a teacher at the school.

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