Old Maps of Stonehenge

Historic Maps of Stonehenge and the local area.

This would be around the first time I visited Stonehenge - I have a clear memory of sitting on the stone in the foreground. My father was a sergeant major (REME) at the local army base, Aldershot?, in the early to mid sixties. I rather rebelled against my military background, & my next few visits to Stonehenge were for the Free Festival at the Summer Solstice, from the late '70's on.

Great Collection! I have scratched my head over a few of these, date-wise, but this one isn't in question. Central in the picture we see the outside of the formidable West Trilithon, spanking clean and completely shorn of its mantle of lichen. The reason is, it lay on that side for nigh-on 160 years, having collapsed in (...Read full memory)