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My parents, Vera Emily Smith & Kenneth John Henry Guy, were married at St. Cyr's Church on 1st June, 1935. My maternal grandfather, Harry George Smith, sang in the choir here for many years. He was a signalman with GWR at Stonehouse Station.

I think Stonehouse had something for every age growing up. Brownies, cubs, scouts, and guides. A youth club and a coffee bar. Always somewhere to explore, the canal, Doverow for sledging, the brickworks and always scrogging apples and pears from the Wycliffe college orchard. We went to the Methodist church and (...Read full memory)

I was evacuated to my grandparents' cottage in Oldends Lane, Rosetree Cottage. Their names were Helen Harris and William Harris. I remember going round to the Spa Inn pub and waiting in the garden for them, sometimes I was asked to pick the skittles up while the people were playing skittles. My grand's brother had a farm (...Read full memory)

Hi, my name is Pat Cheah (formerly Cook). I grew up in Stonehouse. I wsa just reading through some of the memories and would like to add a few of my own. We lived up on Doverow for many years. Doverow was one of my many places to play, my friends and I liked to play on top of the water tower, in the woods where we (...Read full memory)

Now a resident and Parish Councillor in Devon the Frith photos of Stonehouse took me instantly back to my early years growing up in the village. Not surprisingly one of my earliest memories is of the celebrations surrounding the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953. Little did I know then that some 51 years (...Read full memory)

My memories of Oldends are many and happy - My grandparents - Oscar and Violet Lane (known to many as Mrs Oscar) lived for many years at Fairview. where they brought up their family Victor, Alfred, Bob and Grace. As a small girl in the fifties - Fairview seemed huge with a vast garden with a stone boundary wall where my sister (...Read full memory)

A very short distance from Stonehouse is the tiny hamlet of Standish. Both these places have an unusual connection to my family. Firstly from my great grandparents' time in the early 1800s to the later part of the nineteenth century. My mother's maiden name was Agg, her mother's maiden name was (...Read full memory)