Sutton, Shinners Department Store, High Street c.1960

Memories of Sutton

Sutton Station holds some great memories from the 60's, including childhood summer holidays. Before we had a car I remember catching the express 'corridor train' to the south exciting! I live in Toronto now, but I still shop with mum in Sutton High Street every time I visit. Mum is 85 now, (...Read full memory)

I was born at St. Helier hospital and lived in Stayton Road until I married in 1974. Our house backed on to the Pylbrook and the Oldfields Trading Estate, owned by the Wheeler family. One of the older boys kept a puma in a flat there and would take it for walks, on a lead, past our house. Families in Stayton (...Read full memory)

So many good memories of Elm Grove. My paternal grandmother was Lillian Chard and lived at number 39 Elm Grove. As a family we also lived in Elm Grove when my parents were first married. Although I was born in St. Heliers, my sister, Rosalind was born at home. I remember Mr. and Mrs. Whiffen but also in Elm Grove was Charlie (...Read full memory)

This is a shot of Stonecot Hill, looking south towards North Cheam. The shop you can see is on the corner of Stonecot Hill and Ash Road - it was an off-licence. Before 1964 it had a brown facia, with the Whitbread logo and was called 'The Empire Wine Stores'. After 1964 (when this shot was taken) the facia was (...Read full memory)

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