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Memories of Sutton

Geez Sutton has changed since my time..went to school 1940 1951..left in 1954 when I joined the army and never looked back, later switched to the Canadian Airforce became Flight Engineer attended two wars.....Some good memories some bad only teacher I can remember was a Mr Bishop and a Mrs Armstrong. but no school mates. I lived on Alfred Rd.....Gav Bowman....

I would like to thank those who have responded to this and I have equally replied. Sutton has fond memories. The girl I married is still my partner and we often speak fondly of Sutton and what it used to be like. We are very interested in hearing the stories of what it is like now. Is the tree still outside what used to be called (...Read full memory)

I was born and brought up in Sutton until we moved when I was 8. I remember going to swimming club on Friday evening in the old swimming pool and visiting the library when it was in an old house through the park. I am particularly interested in any memories people may have of the old brass plaque in the entrance to (...Read full memory)

I well remember the Whiffens from my childhood there house was at the end terrace opposite the " the bomb builings" we spent hours & hours over there in the early fifties.We did not have much contact with the Whiffins though I do remember we used to stick chicken claws through the letter box and pulling the sinues to make (...Read full memory)

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