Sutton, The Woodstock, Stonecot Hill c.1955

Memories of Sutton

I was born in Cedar Road maternity annexe in Sutton in 1956 and lived in Eaton Road for my first 10 years of life. One of my biggest joys was visiting the library that was situated in Manor Park in a house that I think may still be there, it was only small but was a wonderful old place. The War Memorial in Manor Park has my (...Read full memory)

Not sure what glyn.brian7 was seeing out the back of the Regent Cafe, but my mum and dad ran a cafe on weekends in Chipstead at the entrance to Banstead woods from the late 1940's until the early 60's and my dad was the only other person as best I know that Tony Capaldi allowed to sell his ice cream. We went to (...Read full memory)

We lived in a block of flats, Weihurst Court, Carshalton Rd. This was at the top of Ringstead Road, where the trolley buses came up this steep hill. As a child it was fun to watch when the arms of the trolley came off the wire and the driver had to get off and sort it out with a long pole. I attended a prep (...Read full memory)

Sutton Station holds some great memories from the 60's, including childhood summer holidays. Before we had a car I remember catching the express 'corridor train' to the south exciting! I live in Toronto now, but I still shop with mum in Sutton High Street every time I visit. Mum is 85 now, (...Read full memory)

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