Tewkesbury, The River And Boating Station c.1955

Memories of Tewkesbury

Hello, I am after information about my maternal grandmother, who I have been told was a land lady in the early 1960's at this pub, she then moved on to the Prince of Wales burnt oak. She was known as Helen Holt and Helen McColm and she maried Norman Scriven or Scrivens, but I don't know if that was at this period of time. I'm (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember reams of toilet paper hanging from one of the hanging baskets for a few days one year back in the 80's?? That was me, I threw the potty out of the window because I didn't like the smell! he he. Me and my family lived here in the 80's and ran it as a restaurant, we managed to make it into (...Read full memory)

While investigating my family history I discovered that my great great grandfather Elisha Brownjohn had been employed as the miller at the Abbey Mill, Tewkesbury during the 1830's and 1840's. Several of his children, including my great grandfather John where born in the Mill Cottage, also to be seen in the photograph. I (...Read full memory)

As a family living in the Black Country, we used to go out every Sunday in the summer with our (doings), as mom used to call them. In fact that was a camping gas stove to boil a kettle so we could have a cup of tea with our picnic. Dad seemed to know his way about everywhere or its seemed everywhere. Probably due to the (...Read full memory)

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