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Caption for Thurstaston, The Cottage Loaf C1955: This shows the Cottage Loaf as tea rooms, for which purpose it was built in 1930. The ethos of the owners was to supply the public with old-fashioned home baking and cooking in a comfortable and pleasant environment. The building still stands on the eastern side of the A540, close to Thurstaston, but it is now a very attractive and well cared-for inn, with manicured lawns, picnic benches and a mass of brightly coloured flower baskets and tubs.

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Beach Path c1950 What a wonderful place to camp and fish in the 1950's and 60's. Plenty of fish and sea birds and so very peaceful. In recent years the old railway track Hooton-West Kirby line, which ran alongside Thurstaston shore, has been ripped out to make the Wirral Way walking track. I have heard from U.K. friends, (...Read full memory)

I used to live in a house at the top of Grange Hill in a road called Monks Way. At the top of our garden, just opposite Tottey's garage, there was the remains of a round sandstone tower. We were told that the area used to be a monastry or abbey, hence the name "Monks way". The monks were apparently persecuted and the (...Read full memory)

This church is a special place I will always remember. It gives me peace.

Dereliott Conversions took over Heatherlands Garage in Thurstatson Road and became world famous for their specialist sports cars back in the 1970's / 1980's. I have made a web site of the history of Dereliott Conversions where there are many photo's at A child's nursery now stands on the site.

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