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Caption for Thurstaston, Thors Stone C1960: Given the Viking origins of the village, one should not be too surprised to find 'evidence' of romantic legends. Thor's Stone is a sandstone outcrop on the nearby common, a National Trust site. The Viking settlers interpreted the natural phenomenon of thunder and lightning as the god Thor striking the stone in anger with his war hammer.

Memories of Thurstaston, Thor's Stone c1955

Wow this brings back memories of climbing - and on one memorable occasion becoming 'frozen' and unable to move up or down the almost (to me) sheer face on the other side of the Stone! Born in Irby in 1945 so it would have been in the 50's. Also riding 'Princess' a friend's pony across the common. There was a smithy on a (...Read full memory)

I used to live in a house at the top of Grange Hill in a road called Monks Way. At the top of our garden, just opposite Tottey's garage, there was the remains of a round sandstone tower. We were told that the area used to be a monastry or abbey, hence the name "Monks way". The monks were apparently persecuted and the (...Read full memory)

Vikings And Saxons Thors Stone c1960 Enlarge photo | More about this photo How many young vikings and saxons would have been slain trying to capture this ancient landmark.Memories of sword fights blood and guts in a childs fantasy. A wonderful place to explore and imagine. The view from the rock across the Dee (...Read full memory)

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