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Caption for Tilford, The River C1955: Tilford is situated where the south branch of the River Wey meets the main River Wey, each branch crossed by a medieval bridge. This is the bridge over the main Wey, built in dark brown greensand or Bargate stone with timber fence parapets. Across the bridge is the Post Office and Store, the building with the two gables, while between it and the bridge, just discernible, is a concrete World War II concrete pillbox. There is a large triangular village green behind the photographer.

Memories of Tilford, the River Wey c1955

My mother and father taught at Sheephatch from 1947 to 1956. The figure on the right hand side of this photograph with her back to the camera looks distinctly like my mother, Elizabeth Davies. Could it be her?

Both as a child and with my own children a lovely place to paddle and have lunch

I spent some happy times whilst a boarder at Sheephatch Camp School, Tilford. I was staying there in the very bad winter of 1947 when we were snowed in for several weeks. Had long walks in the snow to Crooksbury Hill, Frensham Ponds and the surrounding countryside. We were all non-the-worse for our (...Read full memory)

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