Memories of Timberscombe

We moved to Oaktrow in January 1957 and until the house was habitable, we stayed at The Lion (prominently displayed in one of the photos). The village then had four shops, these being the Post Office towards Minehead, Mrs Yeandle's, the Coombe Stores (very successful under Basil Hewlett and his wife) (...Read full memory)

We moved to Oaktrow in January 1957, me travelling in the cattle truck. The rest went by car. We stayed the first week or so at the Lion Inn, Timberscombe. Oaktrow had been purchased the previous summer. We eventually moved in and gradually things got more civilised. I liked staying in the village and playing (...Read full memory)

The first 8 plus years of my life were spent here at Merrow Down, off the Common. The only time we were away was for a few months in 1939-40 during the Phoney War. I had various nannies, the best being Flora. She came about autumn 1940 and stayed until autumn 1942 when 'called up ' for work of national importance (day (...Read full memory)

My parents bought Old Stowey from Major Enderby, sadly after my father's death in 1970 the place was sold for 50.000 complete with farm workers cottages & 600 acres. I now see it's on the market with 40 acres for 1.5 million. I really loved the area but could be desolate when the cloud closed in and when the snow came. (...Read full memory)

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