Memories of Tintwistle

I lived at the Church Inn until I was 15. I worked with John Horrocks wholesale greengrocer - we visited Smithfield Market every day - his son in law was called Wilf. I have been trying to find some information on the pub at Woodhead called George and Dragon - it used to be at bottom of road to Hole Moss, I can remember (...Read full memory)

My recollections are from the mid 1950s to early 1960s. These were happy days wandering the Longdendale Valley and the Torside Reservoir, usually with guitar slung over my shoulder in the company of Olwen Brown, a local 'Tinsel' lass who lived in the last house before the cricket ground! (She had a younger sister (...Read full memory)

Fond memories of the George and Dragon, Woodhead, and the pianola. I could get a pint there even though I was only 16. No problems with the local bobby, Charlie Bradley, who only had a sit up and beg bike who had only enough energy to ride through the village. After retiring he became night watchman at John Waltons. I am (...Read full memory)

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