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Caption for Toddington, High Street C1965: Village green, church and public house are all in close proximity, but the village atmosphere in Toddington was already under threat at the time of this photograph. The one-time manor is sited very close to the M1 motorway, and the whole area has undergone considerable development because of the demand for housing within reach of London. Affluence has crept into the photograph; both the Vauxhall cars shown carry late registration plates.

Memories of Toddington, High Street c1965

This was taken the year my son Kevin was born. His brother Stephen was 2yrs old and we spent many happy days walking to the sweet and paper shop with my mum and dad,  Bill and Joan Harris and also my brother Paul.

I worked as a Bus Conductor with United Counties, Luton Depot. And I loved to work that route, the 54 Service. Sometimes we would have a 20 minute layover, so we would adjourn to "The Sow and Pigs" for a quick pint before returning to Luton. There is very little chance of that today.

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