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In 1978 I had my first Saturday job at Gunners in Tonbridge (on the corner of Lyons Crescent and the High Street - now Parkers Kitchens and Bathrooms, with the original building gone). Gunners was a very old-fashioned drapers store and I was to assist a Mrs Ready (lovely lady) on the haberdashery stand - which was a (...Read full memory)

No. 43 High Street was my grand-fathers shop but was closed when I was very young. It is quite a surprise to find it now I live thousands of kilometres away in Australia.

I may well have a poor recollection here as I would have been only 3 or 4 years old at the time but wasn't Sainsbury's first Tonbridge store located on the west side of the high street just south of the old post office / just north of the old Baptist church? - this is before they moved to Avebury avenue and (...Read full memory)

yes remember the bull demolished i and built Macfisheries supermarket in its place left my job with my mate Dave Palmer, we were both employed by Billy Horsborough who was the manager for better buying supermarket and the green grocer next door opposite fortes cafe and what used to be Burtons the tailors to go and work there (...Read full memory)

My parents moved to the village of Golden Green in about 1956, , to run the village shop and post office. At first I was sent to Sussex Road school, but soon moved me as one of the first intake to the New Hugh Christie, a brand new school, head teacher was Mr Howard, science teacher was Mr Taylor, Mr (...Read full memory)

I remember the Domestic Oil Stores in Barden Road. In the 1940's I lived in Norfolk Road. They sold all manner of things and there were goods outside, brooms etc. I do remember that two sisters ran the shop and used to see them sweeping the pavement outside the shop. I loved the smell of oil whenever I went inside. Unfortunately that is all I can recall at present.

we lived there for a while. lady goldsmid used to go into gunners to buy her haberdashery..was it norman gunner the son or the old man? i forget. anybody remember the bull hotel? or the angel football ground? thank you. j.....

My name then was Peter Pronger my two brothers used to work at Nightingale Farm it had a lot of pigs in those days, I remember Mr Podmore he was attacked by a Boar and was badly injured .Also Mr Young ( Bill Young ) My brothers were George and Roy Pronger they also lived at Honnington farm down Vauxhall lane It also (...Read full memory)

I remember that shoe shop it was just opposite the chequers pub and I went there as a child. I think that it was the Carlton Cafe before it was a show shop where my mum had her wedding reception.

Hi, can anyone help? My mum was born at 1 Crystalate Cottages, Golden Green, Hadlow, Kent. Do they still exist or were they knocked down?