Memories of Tonbridge, Quarry Hill 1890

My name then was Peter Pronger my two brothers used to work at Nightingale Farm it had a lot of pigs in those days, I remember Mr Podmore he was attacked by a Boar and was badly injured .Also Mr Young ( Bill Young ) My brothers were George and Roy Pronger they also lived at Honnington farm down Vauxhall lane It also (...Read full memory)

My mother, Joyce Clark (formerly Smith) born in 1924, recognises this photograph of Quarry Hill.  Her father William Smith was the sawyer for Mabledon Estate (on the right) and was responsible for felling the trees on the right of the photograph.  Mabledon Estate (the gates are just off the photograph) was owned by the (...Read full memory)

 DOES ANYONE EVER ANSWER TO OUR MEMORIES?. THERE MUST BE SOMEONE OUT THERE  COME ON JOIN IN   I joined Tunbridge Wells telephone exchange september 1948                                                      I remember so well the evening the man would come to George St. to tell us we started (...Read full memory)

Saw your Memory with interest. I have done two others on the site - people will think "He's vain", but hardly anyone else seems to have bothered. I can remember the smell of hops drying here in the 1950/60s. I was born in 1950 but my father had lived since 1933 at 'Cartref' (which is Welsh for home). It's now (...Read full memory)

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