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Caption for Tongham, 1921: Parts of Tongham still have a rural feel, especially at the crossroads. The White Hart pub (right) still stands on the corner, but this row of ramshackle shops on the left, that once included a draper's, a tobacconist and a motor-garage and cycle works, have now all gone.

Memories of Tongham

I was born in Tongham 1947. I remember going to Tongham Church School before the school in the Cardinals was built. Also walking up Pole Road and seeing just trees and fields there. I spent a lovely childhood there with my parents and family and also making friends with people on the new Cardinal estate. The local policeman at (...Read full memory)

I remember going into all these shops when I was a toddler. I loved watching the sugar and flour being taken from bags stood on the floor or counter. Everything was in sacks or bags and on display. It was so interesting going shopping back then taking our time in each shop catching up on the village news. What a lovely time to grow up in!

Boy I miss Tongham. Not because of how great it is, but because how great it was. Growing up there as a young boy has to be one of the best experiences a boy could have. I used to live on Northside, number 3, along with my brothers James and Mark. The only Portuguese people in the village (Mum was, Dad wasn't). I moved (...Read full memory)

My family moved from Woking to Tongham in 1942 into Springpond Cottage in Grange Road - a farm worker’s cottage belonging to Ben Ceasar. Dad was a lorry driver delivering the farm’s vegetables. There was only cold running water and I remember Mum boiling kettles to fill the tin bath where we had to take turns in the (...Read full memory)

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