Memories of Tooting Bec Common

Although we lived in Balham, many hours were spent on the common and the pond en-route to the open air swimming pool. I can remember with fondness, especially during the summer holiday, as money was in short supply we would either walk or get our bikes out and mess around the pond area for (...Read full memory)

I went to school at Tooting Bec Grammer School from 1954 to 1957 and worked after school and on a Saturday in a greengrocers on Upper Tooting Road. I have no idea what the shop was called but if I remember correctly it was near the bottom of Beechcroft Road. My job was to deliver produce to the local area on an old black (...Read full memory)

During the '80s I lived in Streathbourne Road, just a couple of houses in from the Common. Weather permitting I would run in the evenings. One dark evening in the late autumn I ventured onto the Common. Running in the grass near the Lido, I tripped over a couple who were lying there shagging beneath a (...Read full memory)

This could be my mother and me! I was 5 in 1951 and remember visiting the pond to 'feed the ducks'. The common became a wonderful playground durig my childhood, everything from 'the wild west' to 'army battlefields'. It was safe, we would spend all day playing without fears or worries. The important thing was to avoid the 'Parkie' (Park Keeper), what a memorable age.

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