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I was born and spent my early years in Burslem but for 10 years (from 1951), Tunstall became an important part of my life. Brownhills High School gave me a wonderful education. More than 60 years later I can still see and name most of my teachers .... and of course, Dr Bright who presided over those black and white tiles!! At the end of my time there, I went to Goldsmith's in London, but returned to teach at Central County ...see more

Added 07 September 2013
I remember my late Uncle Norman Buckley, ( W Buckley & Sons Butchers ) and my late Auntie Irene, working tirelessly on their butcher's stall, always the busiest in Tunstall market !! The finest meats, sausages etc you could buy in the town !!!! Uncle Norman would give me a large piece of black pudding, as a 4 year old, a special treat, spicy and delicious !!!( The recipe was a ...see more

I remember waiting for the Bidduph bus with my dad every Saturday morning, sitting upstairs at the front, grasping the rail as a 3 year old. The noise of the engine, feel of the bumps, click of the conductors ticket machine .....pure magic !!!!! The old 11 litre Perkins diesel blowing out more black smoke than a "pot bank" on firing day as it toiled up Pittshill Bank !!!! Then over Chell top, and down into the valley......Happy days !!!!!!!!!

miss newark

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