Other Memories from Two Dales

My father was born at Sydnope Stand the day WW1 broke out, although on his birth cert, it is called Sydnope Towers. I visited about 20 years ago when a young man had just bought it and he showed me round and I went up the tower. I lived in Australia then and now live in New Zealand but I LOVE Derbyshire. Jacqueline Paling

I lived at Bridge cottage from 1955 to 1964. Just across the road from the Blacksmiths Arms with the Plough Inn at our rear, and the Nags Head in the middle of the village there was no shortage of pubs for the adults. Two Dales in those days was almost self sufficient with Hayes the bakers, I was at school with Julie Hayes. Coates the butcher - still going strong I believe. We had the Co-op which was next ...see more

My grandfather, Walter Walker, used to own the Blacksmith Arms public house in Two Dales which has now been converted into cottages with houses built in what was the garden and orchard. My father was brought up in the pub and left the village when he married my mother, an evacuee from Croydon. As children, my brother and I returned to Two Dales every year for our summer holidays; I still have very fond memories of ...see more

Lived further down the road in the village, the semi-detached house on the left. The first was occupied by the Bowlers, newsagents, next door the Waterfall Bros. I helped at the farm to the right for a bit of pocket money. The farmer was Jim Topliss, his daughter, Jackie & husband Albert, son Mark. Many happy memories. The village is not the same now the farmyard is now houses, cars parked everywhere, we had the best I'm sure.

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