Old Maps of Upper Brynamman

Historic Maps of Upper Brynamman and the local area.

Memories of Upper Brynamman

Read and share your memories of Upper Brynamman itself or of a particular photo of Upper Brynamman.

My grandparents, Daniel" Pentir "Thomas and his wife "Momo", lived not far from Station Road. As you went over the bridge (see photo) towards Gwaun-cae-gurwen, on the left was the "War Memorial", followed by the Rugby Club on the right. This was followed by a Carpentery where coffins were made! At this point there was a (...Read full memory)

My sister and I, Margaret and Maureen Grieve, were evacuated to Brynamman. I lived with Nellie, Stanley and Menna Thomas in the then new council houses. My sister stayed with the Pughs in Faifield House. My brothers joined us, Ken went to Station Rd and David to Mountain Rd. Mr and Mrs Mounford were our head master and (...Read full memory)