Old Maps of Ackworth

Historic Maps of Ackworth and the local area.

Memories of Ackworth

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My grandparents (Mr and Mrs Scorah) used to live in Town End Avenue, Low Ackworth. I remember visiting them with my mother, while my dad was at war. We used to catch the bus from Scunthorpe to Waterdale, Doncaster. Then we would dash to north bridge bus station to catch the South Yorkshire bus to East Hardwick. At East (...Read full memory)

In the 1950s every summer school holiday my parents used to drive up to Ackworth, drop us kids off with our grandparents and pick us up 6 weeks later. I loved every minute of it. Coming from the hustle and bustle of Portsmouth it was like a breath of fresh air. Eric and Annie, or Little Nan as we called her, were much (...Read full memory)