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Lincolnshire Living Memories

Lincolnshire Living Memories

The photo 'Anderby Creek, Rose's Stores c1960' appears in this book

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Caption for Anderby Creek, Rose's Stores c1960: Spilsby Rural District Council is stating its presence – see the concrete sign (left foreground). The store is also advertising its wares. There could even have been some Frith postcards in the rack; among many other things for sale are ice cream, Coca Cola, pork pies from Pork Farms of Nottingham, Kodak films, cigarettes, newspapers and Ilford films. William Rose was stated to be a shopkeeper in 1937. The building is still there, but the business is now renting space for caravans, and another Mr Rose (son of William) is the proprietor.

An extract from Lincolnshire Living Memories.

Memories of Anderby Creek

I spent the whole of the school summer holidays working on Manor Farm at Anderby from 1947 to 1951. Each evening and all weekends were spent at Anderby creek with Harrisons Stores as base. Bob Harrison used to get me a weekly supply of cigarettes which were kept behind the counter and collected on Saturday (Pay (...Read full memory)

My father built the square flat roofed house called Beverley on the sand dunes in the late 1920s next to the bungalow by the creek. It has since had two refurbishments, the first of which included a conventional roof. I visited the house with my grandfather following the 1953 (...Read full memory)

The store with the petrol pumps in this photograph was owned from at leat the early 1950s to the late 70's by a couple, originally from Leicester, called Bob and Grace Harrison. In the season, opening hours were around 6am to 11pm, and the store sold just about everything.

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