Ashley Manor School - a Memory of Atherington.

I was the very first pupil at Ashley Manor School, and hold some very fond memories of my time there. Atherington was a very important time of my life, I enjoyed the shop, park and the wonderful church, I got my jubilee cup at the village fete. I would love to visit the area again.

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Tue Mar 16th 2021, at 5:55 pm
kuiamas_choice commented:
Mark Davy, we must've known each other, I was there from 1976 to 1981. Even though I do have some fond memories from those days, the school totally messed me up and I had a hard time adjusting to life when I left. You will remember me as Sharon Pratt, but I don't go as this these days. I am a trans man and now go as Kai Kuiama.
Sat Dec 26th 2020, at 9:49 am
Mark Davy commented:
This was an awful boarding school and should have been reported for the amount of physical and mental abuse that occured there. I was there 79 - 81 and ready to start (or not) comprehensive school in 81. I was wrongly sent there. I remember the epyleptic boy called Martin and remember the abuse he received along with a guy called Richard who had mental issues. I can remember the regular slaps not only from the Higgs but from (if I recall) Jenny who did the rounds making sure flannels were rung out properly, I remember her hand grip and if the flannel was slightly wet then there would be a slap. I was 9 -10 years old so still a kid and didn't deserve the treatment. An awful place and anyone who has fond memories had a much better stay than me. Yes, kids need a strong hand but, kids don't deserve to be abused.
Sat Dec 12th 2020, at 4:36 pm
jwright353 commented:
Hi brax, did we know each other? Jason
Mon Jun 22nd 2020, at 4:40 pm
jwright353 commented:
Hi Brax, wondering if we knew each other ?
Mon Jun 22nd 2020, at 4:38 pm
jwright353 commented:
I was a pupil from 75-81. My experience were very different from others, I enjoyed the place and it gave me a strong backbone for later life. Yes, it was strict but the nature of the students required a strong hand. I loved the village shop and church, visits to the beach. Mr Williams was strict as heck, ex military man but his wife was lovely. Dan Higgs was always kind to me, Margret was somewhat strict. I remember David and Jackie Raggett, Sharon, Michael and Mark Jones, Samantha Laughton to name a few. Staff, Mrs Bowler, Sharon Evans (lovely lady), Bidi, and a lady from Norway. Meals were crap and night times could be difficult for younger kids. Friday night cross country runs I loved but many hated. Mucking out was not my favourite job. Mrs Martin's food was not great. Overall, a great experience for me, but I get others struggling with it. Visit a few years ago and spoke to Dan Higgs. Visited this year but he had passed away.
Thu Jan 30th 2020, at 3:32 pm
kuiamas_choice commented:
I started Ashlwy Manor in their second term, when all schooling and everything was done in the Manor House. Later years classes and a tarmac'd playground were made, while I was there. Even though I do have some good memories, the school was abusive and it did mess me up in later life. If you were ill, it was off to bed, no reading or anything was allowed, you just had to lay there. quiet. Night times you were not allowed to talk or get out of bed to comfort anyone crying. I remember having a 5 year old join my dormitory and having to lay there, listening to her cry, was awful. We were'nt allowed to drink between meals, anyone caught drinking out of the taps were punished, so I was often thirsty. I grew up believing their crap, that you did'nt need extra fluid as it was in your food, and when I went through pubity, I got ill from dehydration. Forced to go running in the freezing cold weather, with just shorts and T Shirt. Brax73, what years were you there? I was there from 1976 to 1981. David Raggatt I knew, and his sister Jackie. Both went on to the same school I went on too, Barley Lane School. The area was lovely, I often think of it with warmth, the house was gorgeous too, but the ruling was very strict and the stuff we were forced to do, they would not allow these days.
Mon Sep 2nd 2019, at 6:16 am
brax73 commented:
horrible place to be,kids beaten for being epileptic.lined up naked in the cellar to be rubbed up by female staff.going to sleep with the sound of children crying.if they wet the bed they had to to lay in it till staff could be bothered to help.disabled child i was with nearly chewed his own hand of in frustration at the abuse the staff gave him.still got a 4 inch scar on my head from there.nice area nice village but it was hell.forced after school to go clear dog muck from mr higs back yard Saturdays were times tables or you were held there all day.after school it was working for the wasn't fun.diner times you had to eat everything no mater what.were forced to line up like bloody soldiers by his dad and hit with a stick if we didn't lovely school for under 10 year olds.

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